Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering team has completed hundreds of projects in both the public and private sectors which gives them the necessary experience to help you with your difficult and time-sensitive projects.

Civil Drafting

Some of our clients need help with existing surveys and drawings. Our team can help you make updates and changes to existing drawings. Our team can also help supplement your internal team of engineers.

Route Development

Centro is experienced in route design in a multitude of different scenarios. We have expertise in urban, rural or oilfield environments. We are familiar with the challenges associated with each situation. Centro has a full title research department which is vital in planning routes, especially in highly congested areas. Nothing can beat boots on the ground, but we regularly use our drone fleet and trained pilots to find our clients the best route which saves time and money!

Pipeline Surveying

Centro has experience with pipeline surveying in rural and urban environments. Our experienced team has completed projects in heavily congested areas like processing facilities, major pipeline corridors, and even densely populated cities. Centro has successfully completed a number of pipelines, electrical distribution, and water projects. We can provide construction drawings, legal plats, alignment sheets and crossing profiles for your projects.

Aerial Surveying

we use our fleet of RTK survey-grade drones to complete survey projects. From data collection to contour maps to mapping of heavily congested areas. Having completed hundreds of projects across the nation puts Centro at the forefront of the industry. Our team of trained pilots also supports our thermographic inspection and engineering team.

Facility Surveying

Our expertise lies “inside and outside” the fence, above and below ground. Centro can help with all pre-construction boundary and topo surveys as well as equipment staking and layout during construction. Our team has experience in well sites, compressor facilities, refineries. No job is too large or too small. Our experience inside facilities includes mapping, topo, layouts, staking, and as-builts.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is used by Centro to assist with difficult projects in congested areas when the utmost accuracy is paramount.

Land Surveys

We have experienced registered surveyors and a top-notch title and research team for your plat and permitting needs.

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